The Family

The Family
This is us about 6 hours after Elijah arrived. I'm happy because the phenergan had worn off and no I'm not on pain meds here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Lazy Sunday

Today was a very very lazy day for us. The highlight of the day was finding out that new episodes of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends was on. So the boys played in the floor and watched that while I ironed. Other than that we just spent the day having lots of family time and getting ready for the upcoming week.

Elijah watching Kale get his award at school.

Kale walking to get his award!!!!!
Elijah playing in the floor. His onesie says:Face it-it's time to call Grandma :) My bestie Tracy got it for him!!
Kale playing with his fav toy-the pots and pans......don't ask me he has LOVED them for years.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

newbie in the house

At the urgeing of my friend Amber and my fav sis-in-law, Stacy I have created a page. It took me 5 million tries to create a friggin password cause it was being stupid!!!! The page and I had a discussion and as you can see I won!!!! HA Take that technology!!!! So here is my attempt to stay connected with the world, although the only people that will look at this will be Amber and Stacy :)