The Family

The Family
This is us about 6 hours after Elijah arrived. I'm happy because the phenergan had worn off and no I'm not on pain meds here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trace Adkins Is In The House

So today was the usual, dull day around here. Took Kale to school, came back home, went to the post office, picked Kale up, and then home again. Kale got scratched at school today by another little boy. It's not too bad, I mean no blood or anything, I'm just glad Kale didn't grab a handful of hair when the kid scratched him. I am sure he thought about it and probably even tried it. When I picked him up the teacher was showing me the scratch and explaining what had happened and I asked Kale if he was ok....he looked up at me as if saying mom you should have seen the other guy haha Kale's a tough cookie I am sure he will be fine, but just to be sure I put some triple antibiotic cream on it after his bath. Elijah is cutting his first tooth. Last Thursday morning he was chewing on granny's finger and she felt it. Now you can see it and its growing fast!! He hasn't been fussy or anything with it(bangin on wood) so hopefully it will come in ok. He is cooing and I am thinking he will be talking before long. I have him saying mmmmm after he takes a bite of food and he is screeching at the top of his lungs. Not crawling just scooting on his belly but is trying to pull up. Maybe he thinks crawling is a waste of time and wants to grow straight to walking-who knows.

To explain the headline for today's post. I chatted online with Blake for a bit today. I knew he was excited about something because he was more talky than normal. When I asked him what was up he said I met Trace Adkins today. My first thought was BITCH. Then I was like huh. He said Trace had come to sing for them and then sat around and chatted, took pictures, and signed autographs for them. He told them that he watched him on Glenn Beck a couple months back, of course that credit goes to me cause I made him watch it cause I'm addicted to that show. Anyways he sounded up beat and it was refreshing to hear him excited about something. It also warmed my heart that Trace Adkins would take time to sit and relax with the guys before leaving........I think that meant more to them than anything. Other than that Blake is doing good. He goes to the board next week to see if he can get promoted so everyone say an extra prayer for us. He has been studying and working his butt off, he really deserves it. He got a good conduct medal a couple of weeks ago, BUT just told me about it yesterday cause as he says its no big deal. To which I replied a medal is a medal in my book. Hopefully he won't get too flustered at boards, it can be intimidating, and will be passed up to SGT. I mean I was reading the study guide for this crap and there is even a certain way you have to enter the room!!! You have to know alot of crap and no cheat sheets allowed. Anyhow that is about all that is going on around here.......

Brooks will be in town the end of this week, bu t will be golfing, and then I will be up here while he is at mom and dad's so I prolly won't get to see him. I think that sucks big time cause Elijah hasn't even gotten to meet him yet and I really want him to wear his bibs Brooks and Supy got him so he can see how cute he looks in them.....oh well. Maybe next time huh. Well I am going to do some studying then off to bed. 143

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Visit From The Tooth Fairy

So yesterday Kale went to the dentist for a check up. While the chick was cleaning his teeth she mentioned how loose one was and how the dentist may want to pull it cause it was hanging there. Well about that time she started polishing that tooth and out it popped. Kale screamed, blood gushed, and a tooth went flying.....after I realized he was fine I thought wow she prolly just saved me a hundred bucks by the dentist not having to pull it.....bad mommy. So other than that his teeth are healthy and his other front tooth is loose and will be next. How that kid has healthy teeth I will never know, nor will I complain about it. I can barely brush his teeth, let alone for the 2 minutes they recommend. So, even though we waited 2 1/2 hours to get called back Kale did well. There were kids kicking, screaming, yelling, crying, and Kale looked at them like whats the big deal. For some reason he fights for me to brush his teeth, but when we go to the dentist he just lays there and opens his mouth, seriously he does. I think he fights me to make my life hard :) The tooth fairy; being the brilliant, awesome, beautiful, person she is left him three dollars :)

Elijah is doing good and finally gaining weight. He took a bath the other night with Ruby Kate, which I am sure scarred him for life hehe They look like Ebony and Ivory, poor white kid. After the bath he and RK fought over the passy and dug through the diaper bag.....(I will get pictures of all this posted soon but my computer is being stupid!)

Things with Blake and I are going ok. Hopefully the adjustment period is about to be over with. I tell you I am going to ask for a raise!!! Being a wife is hard stuff!!! And me biting my tongue is even harder!!! I just keep telling myself one day at a time and that I am where God wants me to be. Blake knows he is going to re-up but doesn't know if he wants to stay at Ft Sill or go to Ft Sam Houston(San Antonio, TX). For selfish reasons I would like to stay at Sill. I finally have friends there, the schools are awesome, and it would be easier setting up shop there. BUT Ft Sam Houston is a medic's dream post. I so want him to get it, but it is hard to get assigned there. So who knows where we will end up.....I don't care as long as we are all together. This week will hold more of the, grocery shopping, and playing with the boys. Friday is Kale's birthday!!! I can't believe he will be 8!!! It doesn't seem possible!!! His dad, stepmother, and sister are going to come see him and we are going to party!!!! So, that should be fun, right?!?! I guess that is about all.....not much to blog about really. Maybe one day I will be able to blog about the end of the deployment....ooohhhh I can't wait!!! I'm off to cook some dinner and then have bath time for the boys. Peace out!!! 143

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catch Up!

Well since it has been 20 forevers since I wrote a blog I thought I would make an appearance. Nothing has been going on around here. Last week was hell on wheels and this week is shaping up to be the same way. I am going stir crazy in hickville, but what can ya do. Blake is doing ok and hopefully will be home for R&R in a couple months. We desperately need the R&R to get here. Seems we will have a couple good days and the a bad two weeks and then repeat the process all over again. I am about to the end of my rope-I don't know what to do. Every time I try venting I hear well cut him some slack he is stressed out. Yes, he is and I understand that, but in my own defense I am a little on the stressed side. Its starting to seriously mess with my mind, body, and soul. The stupid bitch Aunt Flo is making her appearance twice a month and bringing Uncle Cramp with her both times!!! UGH!!!! So the past week I have been accused of only thinking of myself. Maybe I do.....I wonder what would happen if I started thinking only of myslef. Lunches wouldn't be packed, clothes wouldn't be washed, babies wouldn't get fed, and care packages wouldn't get sent. I'm not trying to say I am all that and a bag of skittles, but come on a little credit. I do, however, think of myself when I go get my nails did and eyebrows waxed.....I don't want to look like Bert.

I find myself wondering why all of this is happening and what is to come of everything. I know God has a reason for everything, but come on a little slack wouldn't kill ya! Even though it may not be apparent to most people, my husband included, I am doing the best that I can! I know those same people think I am too weak to make it through this, BUT the people that know me know different. Someone tells me I can't do something and I make sure I accomplish it if for nothing else than to piss them off......that's the bitch coming out in me. Its been 2 months since Blake left and I still find myself waking up reaching for him. Stupid me woke up the other day at 6 reaching for him and thought oh he is just gone to PT. I sat there a minute and said Lindsey you are loosing it!! Maybe I am. I take pride in my role as a wife and mother, and I find myself not being able to be a wife. Yes, I still have the title, but none of the responsibilities. I can't cook for him, make sure he has uniforms to wear, laugh at him and with him.......I miss him terribly and often times I wonder if he feels the same way.

I look down at the boys and watch them play and thank God for my healthy family. True most people don't consider Kale healthy, but compared to where he has been he is the picture of perfection to me. Elijah, bless his heart, is still a runt. He is starting to get some thighs on him and a little belly, but I wonder what the next step will be if he isn't gaining weight. Not to worry, I am gaining enough for both of us! Kale is doing well in school so far and he seems to like it.

I don't know what the rest of the deployment has in store for us. All I can do is hope for the best and keep truckin' along. So, at the end of the day I put my faith in God knowing that he will lead me down the right path. I keep telling myself I am where God wants me to be. I try to see the good in every bad day, wondering what I can learn from that day. When I find myself lost and not knowing where I fit in, I look at my boys and it all makes since. I have to keep pushing along, not for me, but for them. Me sitting here crying itsn't helping anyone, most of all them. So, I pick myself up, dust myself on, put a smile on my face, and take on the world head on. So everyone and I meane EVERYONE know that I really am doing my best, the best I know how. Maybe one day someone will see that. Until then......................................................................143